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Education and Professional Experience


  • Bachelor in Japanese Language and Literature - University of São Paulo (2013)

Professional Experience

  • In-house Translator and Proofreader - São Paulo Shimbun
    (2011 - 2012)

  • Full-time freelance translator (2012 - 2018)

  • Japanese Language and Culture Lecturer - Jiangxi College of Foreign Studies (2018 - 2019)​

  • Full-time freelance translator (2019 - Present)


  • Associate Member /
    Mentor in the mentoring program of the Brazilian Association of Translators and Interpreters (ABRATES)

Get in Touch


“Ayumi is a fantastic translator who is able to provide accurate translations that nevertheless maintain difficult linguistic nuances. Her subtitles are concise and viewer-friendly while never omitting or compromising cultural references. She is dedicated, reliable, and most of all, a professional who always meets the deadline. I highly recommend her for any translation work.”

Henry Buckley


“We ordered proofreading for disaster prevention multilingual card in disaster awareness booklet, and translation of explanatory text for the special aid cash payment . Despite the tight schedule, Ayumi has provided her services and satisfied our need for offering texts in the native language for the foreigners who live in our city. Thank you so much.”

Kazumoto Ishikawa

Yamato International Association

“I collected some comments about your services with my colleagues and I am sending them below:

- Ayumi is always providing services with care;

- They provide not only the translation but also answers to our e-mails quickly, which is really helpful for us.

- We had only positive comments to send you. Thank you so much!”

Anonymous Project Manager
(Due to confidentiality)

Japanese Agency

Working from Home
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